Refer & Earn

Terms   &   Conditions

  • Users have to create an saey7 account
  • After creating saey7 account, Users can make a purchase and enter the required details through POPUP notification which appears after checkout or by email received at your Inbox or Junk of your mail id. Also users can directly click through the Refer & Earn option in the Main Menu to enter the required details.
  • After entering the required details in the Refer & Earn dialog box, users will get a link which can be shared with their friends in their choice of communication.
  • When the Referred Friend clicks through the shared link by advocate and places an online order purchase.
  • Our partner program software monitors and detects* successful referrals automatically. However, it may take a couple hours after a purchase for the platform to run through all the necessary verification checks so it isn't instantaneous.
  • Our partner program software sends sæycash+ referral rewards to advocates at the end or beginning of the month (approximately between 27th to 3rd dates of the month) for the past pending payouts through PayPal.
  • Our partner program software sends sæyCash+ referral rewards to advocates through PayPal. In the event that advocate does not have a PayPal account, he/she will still be able to claim the cash referral reward in the following manner: 


    1. Our partner program software sends sæyCash+ to the advocate's email address.
    2. Advocate gets an email from PayPal letting them know they have received funds.
    3. In the email, if the advocate does not have a PayPal account, the advocate is instructed to open a PayPal account to receive funds into their PayPal balance.


  • You can also refer to the "How to receive money" section of PayPal's website for details. 


NOTE: PayPal restrictions regarding Cash Rewards

    1. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to PayPal accounts that are categorized as Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). Advocates should ideally set up a Personal PayPal account to receive the rewards. 
    2. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to PayPal accounts in Russia, Ukraine or Turkey so please ensure that your Advocate's account is set up outside of these countries to be able to receive their rewards.


  • Referrer will be eligible for sæyCash+ benefit for a maximum of first 5 each successful orders placed by his/her referred friend.
  • Any order placed through this Refer & Earn process will not be eligible for return or cancellation as advocates gets preference to be paid out earlier. 


[If in case if the customer wants to return or exchange the purchased product in Refer and Earn Program, customer will have to pay the Discounted Price plus advocates sæyCash+ rewarded and shipping costs will be charged Rs.100 (for the new delivery only as return of the product will be at your own risk) for the Product and this could be worked out only through our customer care email ( conversation. And if once the customer care execute has accepted your request, the amount quoted by our customer care executive through mail has to be paid before approval, in order to proceed further. And in any case order cancelled/returned will be treated as old customer only. Hence do be sure about your online order placement for purchase
{Discounted Price + Shipping costs (new delivery cost only, as return will be at your own risk) + sæyCash+ rewarded to the advocate}
For Example: 
If your Advocate's sæyCash+ = Rs.250
Your Discounted Price = Rs. 250
Shipping cost Charged for New Delivery only (as return will be at your own risk) = Rs.100
Total of (Rs250+Rs250+Rs100 = Rs.600) rupees six hundred only will be charged and has to be paid before in order to Exchange the Product.
If to Return/ Cancel the, a total amount of Rs.500 has to be paid which is excluding the New Delivery Cost.]
  • sæy 7! has the authority to close and change the terms and conditions of this program/ products available at any point of time and will not be responsible for providing sæyCash+ in that scenario.