LA MAISON sæy 7!

Embracing to live your way

"Defining an action between a thought and body language is sæy 7!"



2017’s End saw the inception of the line “sæy 7!” by a Marangoni Alumni - B Saran Raja, which were designed in Paris after his internship period in Milan. In the first collection, he has established his own identity of unfinished cut and sew intervention, etching a new language in the lifestyle arena.
Embracing to live your way, #itsmylife is the crux which he has injected and dyed his clothing line, in order to create a brand for the passionate niche society of young adults. From this inspiration evolved the belief that humans has come a long way and are clustered into communities, which follows traditions and cultures for generations that have upheld economies. This belief coaxed him in imaging his thoughts and converting them into sustainable-timeless pieces of knit with a new lingual scent, which would consequently see collections that collaborated and continues to work around craftsmen and manufacturing techs.


Je vis sæy 7!   Je parle sæy 7!   Je suis sæy 7!

sæy 7! is a lifestyle brand under B Coulour Knitting Mills